The Office Pod,
Maximise use of that garden room.

Considering making a move home for that family business or work from home lifestyle, the office pod puts that space to work in the most efficient way. With room for several people, cut cost with our efficient Office pod.
What can be included

Garden Room options and features

While the features included will depend on the final design and consultation, here are a range of features that are typical of an installation.

Pressure Treated Timber

Our Garden Rooms are built with Pressure treated Timber which can last up to 40 years.


Keeping the space liveable all year round we can implement insulation to keep the temperature just right all year round.

Partition Walls

While most rooms are advised to be open plan larger office rooms may make better use of a partition, we can add additional partition walls to separate and maximise space usage.

Windows and Doors

1 PVC window and 1 Door as standard. Additional configurations can be provided on request at the consultation stage.

Wall ports

While several wall port come as standard, additional may be needed. We can discuss this at your consultation stage.


Indoor and Outdoor walls can be painted on request. Colors and matte finishes can be discussed at the building phase.

Seamless process

How Our Building Process Works

01 Share your visions and ideas

We will first have a consultation to find out what your looking for in your new garden room installation. Through this first chat, we can get a feel for what your needs and wants are and we can advise on what the 'most fitting' Solution will be.

02 Set Budget & timeline

After the initial consultation we will define the project cost and advise on a timeline for completion of the new garden room.

03 Site Visit

We will visit your home and take and check the appropriate measurements to where the new structure will be placed.

04 Ground preparation

Our specialised team will arrive on a pre-agreed date to plan and start the groundwork needed for the new room structure. With larger structures this process may take longer than smaller units.

05 Structure Build

after ground preparation is complete, we will continue to the main structure outer build.

06 Internal build

The insulation, plastering and flooring will be installed along with and pictures and fittings.

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